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Lakeville has nearly one cemetery per square mile of land?

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Growing up in Lakeville, MA, I can tell you it is one spooky place. It's located in the Bridgewater Triangle, but, in the words of a paranormal researcher my friend spoke to once, "Lakeville has it's OWN problems!"

Newest update: 15 photos of Lakeville cemeteries (and that's barely half of them!)

Lakeville isn't just spooky on Halloween, it's spooky year-round! The art I made for this page and the gift shop is fanciful and not too serious, but was inspired by stories I've heard.around town. haunted lakeville massachusettsThe phantom of Rt. 44. The mysterious "creature" that lives in the swamp... Did you know that Lakeville has 29 square miles of dry land, and 28 cemeteries? Just your typical picturesque New England town full of ghosts!

This page was thought up when I was thinking about ghosts, thinking about Lakeville, and decided to make my own "postcard" (see above.) Souvenir postcards are about  the main attractions of a town... and whenever I think of Lakeville, I think of all the cemeteries, and the general creepyness that the town has. 

I hope to share some of these stories with you. You can read Ghost Stories, look at my "Haunted Lakeville" postcards & t-shirts, or check out the  links to Lakeville and Paranormal websites.

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